Wish Of A Wandering Soul.

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If you have read the last poem “A Step To Tomorrow” you may get a lot of connection to this poem. I haven’t said it in recent times the way I write poems. I write a lot and then I go through an editing process what I edit out, I call it “Left Over Lines”. Most of the time it makes no sense to add these lines to the poem at all. So they remain in my hard drive. Sometime after couple weeks after I wrote those lines I may be able to make those Left over lines into a poem of its own. I wrote A Step To Tomorrow on May 15th and on May 26th when I came back home from a long weekend trip I sat alone and picked up the paper on which I printed out the left over lines. I made some changes here and there and here it is.. The name may not really connect instantly to the poem but read the first paragraph carefully. You will know what the hell I was going through.


Have a great evening everyone.

Wish Of A Wandering Soul.

Drag me mind, to the hell of love, drag,

Screamed and screamed to find in mind and all around,

Insanity that from mind may take away,

Thoughts, dreams, hopes and a lot of love for her soul

A mind with hopes and wishes filled,

A mind that thrives to be heard,

And unheard the mind always remained,

To see that mind nature shedding tears waited,

When those wishes and hopes nature with showers showered,

Oh’ with the radiance of nine divine gems seen,

The silhouette of yours still filled in every corner of soul.

In the depths of mind forever you will remain,

When weariness of world from every corner clutches,

That silhouette in whispers will sing to heart,

Lullabies praising the love of mine to you.

Though you left me in my mind leaving,

A glow that never will lose its shine,

And time in the wilderness of life may fade,

Memories from every material corner,

But the ways that glow you left show,

Oh my soul forever in those ways will wander,

Oh’ forever to feel the feeling of yours will wander.


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