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Oh’ my trembling hands can’t write,
Anymore about life,
And at a pause life remains,
In a moment of feeling, perplexed.

My pen for the memories I leave,
O I have none at all worthwhile,
All wonderful magic of life’s mirages.

Life is just like the weather,
Confused between winter and spring,
As the calendar says,
Or is it really the other way around?
Just darkness inside my mind fills,
When brightness and warmth fills outside.
And leaves unloved heart like a black hole,
Where every other feeling dissolves and disappear,
Into a feeling once I wished with me you shared.
When life takes a retrograde,
Oh’ thoughts too through a prism of negative perceives,
Though meant to you, those thoughts in soliloquy spoke,
“Glad you must be for not sharing,
The misfortunes of an unfortunate lover,
Never drain that brain in thoughts of this lover,
Oh after all love indeed is just another emotion.”
Such where the thoughts of a lost lover,
So much was the passion kept inside for her,
Oh’ everywhere when turned to move ahead,
“Dead End” written literally and most of the time virtually,
Only one way the way that passed.
The a thought came to mind,
Should I walk backwards through every steps I made,
Or turn around and through the same paths walk,
But in a new way away from those footsteps,
Never properly made, mostly fell by my own stupidity?
Then conscience protested “Loving her is no stupidity,
She is worth loving in any era and lucky you are,
For the brief time she spent reading you”.
Okay Xanga folks I thought I will post a poem before the end of the day. But unfortunately my email still looks at me with an empty inbox. And I don’t want to post a work not copyrighted here. What I said above hehehe it is not a poem just a blog post written like a poem. Yeah I loved a girl whom I should have never loved. Well there is always a price to pay. And I am paying.
   I have to work this weekend. If later today I get the email confirmation I will post the poem here tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone, stay cool it is going to be a wild, hot, sweaty weekend. Keep in mind I love you all. Pray for me. 
Before I end this post. I have to say this.. Michael Jackson died. The world may say a hundred different opinion about him. But look back at his career from nearly a toddler to the moment he died. This man had taken the music, dance and entertainment to almost every corner of the globe a human possibly can. Maybe he abused the fame and fortune in many ways humanity never agree. But how many got that opportunity to reach the heights where he reached. I remember when I was in India once me and my friends went to a remote place in the state of Tamil Nadu called Chinnakadu. This place don’t even have electricity in every house and at that time had a restaurant we got there and went to have a cup of tea. And saw a poster of Michael Jackson there … I wondered at that time and was looking at the poster the owner of the shop asked me “You like Michael?” I told mmm not really, but he is good. Yeah he was good in his craft and art. His personal life and choices and all other controversy. Lets not forget anything, let us remember a man who was very fortunate and look at the ups, downs and mishaps in his life. There is a lot to learn from his life. Hope some of the young celebrities takes a bit of time and look at his life and learn that life is precious and every bit of time is earned. So don’t waste it in abuses, try to use it.
Here is one song of Michael Jackson I like.

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