Time Without Her.

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Its been a while since you all heard from me. Thanks for the concerned messages. I appreciate it a lot. You all are family to me.

  I was away in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Though Riaz Ahammed was born in India, That’s where LonelyPoet birthed. Looks like someone cursed me when I literally lived there with everything one can imagine. I cannot go back to Milwaukee. I tried for 9 years. It just don’t happen. In the end I took every resource of mine and tried to get a job there last year well you all know how the economy did last year. Pssst… now I am working my ass off to pay off the debts. Done with that place.

   The tooth fairy is still bitching in my mouth. Damn my teeth became so sensitive damn I cannot properly chew anything. So last couple of weeks I was angry too. I may work in this weekend and I don’t have anything to do this weekend anyway. The movie that came out was Harry Potter… When I saw the first movie I told my friends, I will stop watching Harry Potter the moment the kids starts to kiss each other. Well they all grew up to be young adults. (maybe I am still stuck up at the age of 18). I will look to see another movie. Looks like the weather here going to be around in lower 70s. So I may not work. I just don’t know. Lets see. I will keep you all posted.

  Have a great weekend


Time Without Her.


Glad are you without her words,

And in triumph dances,

Holding hands of thin air in freedom,

As far, far away she is from this unfortunate lover,

In spirit and material, too far.


An old gramophone played aloud,

An evergreen tune that played on,

Even after the gramophone stopped,

Mind not ready for a flashback,

Into the darkness of eyelids looked,

That said it was still dark outside.


Promise me mind you will never talk,

About her love for me,

About the days in you mind I wished,

To love her in every passion, compassion,

Every emotion God blessed me with,

Oh many promises I gave you O mind,

And made them grow like naughty pets,

All of them I murdered,

And in pain I fell O’ I fell in defeat,

As the promise to me she gave,

She murdered mercilessly.


Many faces in my mind burned,

Though sobbed inside, tears in eyes held,

Still I realize her worth to me,

As still every beat of my heart,

Echoes a verse I meant to say,

Praising her love for me.


But without her life will go on,

Days don’t care who lives through it,

Birds don’t care who listen to their songs,

Haters don’t care who likes them.

But still mind keep on whispering,

Counterpointing the echo of my heart,

A name I gave her symbolizing my love,

A name which means my darling.


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