A Question From A Day To Day Event.

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I am not going to write much about anything today. Just going to release this poem for you all to read.


A Question From Day To Day Events.


The tarot reader shown a clown with a sword,

The warrior walked away dragging his dirty bag,

The one who play evil in the drama wiped,

Her sweat filled forehead upon her naked upper arms.


The dancing peacock kept on dancing,

As lashed around the warm rain drowning dust,

Lovers kissed upon lips just to give a feeling of jealousy,

Still eyes scavenged for a sight that gives happiness.


Oh life why not dance along with the peacock,

Give every sense a moment of pleasure,

As pain was all you ever gave,

Courage you are not as into a system for you built,

Slowly you danced as fate stood invisible and laughed.


The wise from their wisdom learned,

Past is a molded iron rod impossible to melt,

Present is molten iron ore in a furnace of fierce heat,

Future pieces of lumber all around scattered,

From it all I will try and try and again I will try,

To make a piece of art for generations to enjoy,

With chisels made of the molten iron ore,

Will you bless me with the glimpse of your face?

A model who once outlived every emotion with passion,

Now dancing with my life far, far away from where I am.


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