The Unknown Dancer.

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 It was a lazy weekend… most of the day time I slept. I thought I will clean my apartment but  naa I didn’t do it. Just watched football. It was good the Packers won. OMG they literally pulled my guts out before they won. Young Aaron Rodgers need to learn some good leadership skills. Hope he learns fast before teams like Ravens and Steelers will come at them.

 Not a lot going on folks. I hope everyone is busy winding down the summer. Well we have an extended summer this year. I am all set for fall and winter. For some reason this poet loves fall and winter.




The seasons changed I thought,

But nothing new nature brought,

The sun staring at all in strange ways,

No corner uncovered he left untouched,

With his warm, sparkling rays.


Another summer beyond horizons fading by,

Drawing pictures in the deck I sat,

Looking at the humming bird flying all around,

When seen the beauty of that wonder bird, I remembered,

A beautiful dance memory can never let go.


Rhythm from heart with musical notes came,

And emotions every movement depicted,

Symbols of expressions hands wonderfully shown,

And stories of romance without any words the dancer told.


The depth of a mind I saw, the depth of care I’ve known,

The feelings of love I felt, and every beat of my heart I tuned,

In the rhythm of her dance, in amazement of my own senses sizzling.

What wonderful sights I saw, what wonderful music I heard,

Ah’ what wonderful verses I recited, unrhymed, yet understood.


Oh’ in it all what is real and what is unreal I forgot,

The story dancer told ended, dance stopped,

The dancer at me stared, Oh’ I know her not,

Only the dance, the music, and the verses I know,

And she meant only to say a story for someone else she wrote.


She faded away far, far beyond all summer time,

The all tired poet succumbs to sleep he forgot to sleep,

And the man stood stunned with eternal sorrow.


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