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It was a great weekend. We celebrated Eid. Eid is the day of celebrations marking the end of 30 days of fasting. I spent Eid with my brother and his family in Kansas. Some pictures I took can be found here .

Here is a poem I wrote called “Prayers” this is bit of a different style. Breaking the flow with things of a dark kind. Hope you all enjoy it.

Here is a picture I took while I was driving from Kansas to where I work today morning.

Red Sun Rising Over Midwest United States. on Twitpic


Feelings known in a lifetime spent,

On just one moment filled with love,

Oh’ that moment only in dreams I spent,

As rusted mind rested over lazy migraines.


Gather me O evening Gather me,

From the wrath that scattered me,

Wrath morning and noon given,

The frozen chill peppers in ice cream cones given.


Through the jungle like a hungry wolf ran,

Thorns and stones pierced all over,

Still the hunger to be the love of those eyes,

Oh’ no pain, no hurdles ever mattered over that.


Only in love to you I approached,

Though blood from many veins this wolf drank,

Ah’ what benefit you may have if given,

A skeleton of love with no meat and blood.


For all that a myth I hunt,

Forgiveness a myth, as headless ghost wander,

With my bow and arrows that ghost I will hunt,

Arrows pierced dipped in blood and through air fired,

Air filled with verses of love chanted,

Chanted in meditation of prayers,

Prayers meant only for you and your love.


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