The Salute

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Here is my latest poem The Salute. This poem is written for a blogtv show done by MrJingles88 he was raising money for buying candy canes for US soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. I made some modification from the initial version I recited during the cohosting with him in his show. Hope you all will enjoy the poem

The Salute.


The bugles of battle sounded from far,

Hidden enemy holed up deep, conspires,

Every step laid a step towards freedom,

Every bullet fired an end to evil minded terror.


Oh’ how I salute every one of you I know not,

As the honor each one of you carry, outweighs,

Every action each one of us from far away enjoys.


The food we eat, the time we spent in leisure,

The games we play, the sadness we feel,

When we miss those laughs and shouts,

Day by day pass us by with peace and freedom.


Oh’ I went for a walk in the park,

As the little hearts in shouts and screams played,

When my little niece to ride a bike tried,

And from it those little feet slipped and fell,

Held her I first, saw those eyes filled with tears,

Then in the little jokes I said a smile I’ve seen,

When helped her back on bike I smiled too,

And my hand rose in salute for someone not seen,

Far away, in deserts and mountains fight,

To keep us all smile, the smile of freedom given,

With sweat and blood away from all they love,

All in honor, for peace in the land of the free.

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