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Hi Everyone,
    I don’t really post blogs here even though I do blog shows where I talk about almost everything. The shows is shifting gear towards xanga and the authors community chat rooms where I embed the Xanga T.V code than the blogtv code. The blogtv code creates a lot of problems as it crashes the browsers. I know you all are a bit skeptical about what is this all about so I am embedding the code of the Xanga T.V in this post for you all to see from your subscription pane. I hope you all will see this join me at 7:30PM Central time everyday for a good nice chat.

As for poems, I haven’t posted a poem in here for ages. But don’t worry I will be posting them regularly here. As for visiting your sites, I will be coming to everyone of my friends, family and fans here in Xanga in the coming hours and days.

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