The Serpents Of Time

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Here is a poem called The Serpents Of Time. It is a simple poem not a lot of twisted ways or ideas in it. Enjoy the thanksgiving eve folks.

The Serpents Of Time.

Far beyond skies, far beyond stars,
Consuming all, Conquering all,
Crawling through every bit of space,
The serpents of time defeats all.

But beyond the grasp of time live,
Feelings of humans that sprouts,
And in those feelings outlives time,
Images of a beautiful face.

Oh’ the history of time will speak,
Volumes about the events,
Events that brought two hearts together,
Conquering, consuming, each other.

All those who spit venom of hatred at us,
Oh’ in the honey of the flower of love,
All venom of hatred will dissolve,
And mists of doubts about our love will clear.

And every serpent of time will spit,
The feeling of love we together made,
And forever will live the legends of our love,
As time crawls through time itself.

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2 Replies to “The Serpents Of Time”

  1. Amazing poem. I love how it sort of goes through the stages one experiences in life… love, haters… beginnings and ends.

    Nice one! I like it much!

    I’m sorry I haven’t been around much, but I’ve been out of the Xanga stuff for a bit. But I Have noticed that you always come around my blogs and comment. I very much appreciate that. I have been feeling like blogging here lately…so hopefully I’ll have better news to report than the last few blogs. *hug*

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING my friend! =)

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