A Tree At The End Of Fall

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Hello Everyone hope you all have had a good Thanksgiving weekend. Here is my latest work.

A Tree At The End Of Fall


Silence will never touch your heart,
As the beat of your heart universe takes,
And in the rhythm stars dances,
From where born the light lovers forever will see
And to my heart I speak not,
As forever to the rhythm of your heart I listen.

Among the wandering winds I walked,
And still heard the whispers of my own soul,
Whispers of my soul I listen not,
As the wind howled in chanting,
The words of love you said.

Thunders I heard far behind,
And lightning showing horizons blazed,
And the clouds scattered drowning shinning stars,
Scattered may be all that can bless with rain,
And the scattered ruins fell far behind you and me.
The leaves may have all fallen away,
But still stand withering the storms with the will of love,
Like a tree Oh’ even in the rains at end of fall.

Winds from ahead may come uninvited,
And the winds that surrounds scatter leaves fallen,
Oh’ in them still remain veins undead,
As gather you can the leaves of fall,
And make them the fuel for springs yet to come.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

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