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Hope everyone is doing fine out there, it is cold where I am, very cold. So I am near a fireplace. The snowing stopped couple of hours back and I see another 3 inches of pure white stuff on the drive way. Cleaning it up is my job. I decided to break my back tomorrow morning than tonight. I thought of going for a movie but decided to stay at home when I got into my truck, the empty light popped up. Kinda gave me a negative feeling, so I thought I can rest tonight so the feeling goes away and take life as it happens tomorrow.
   Many people are leaving for different places now for new year celebrations. I am not going anywhere in fact I may not go out on New Year eve at all. I would rather let the new year celebrated around me than celebrate in the New Year.

Now the audio file. This is from my book Age Of Survival which of course many of you know was published in 2006. I recorded the first version for giving it to a friend who requested it. For some reason which I don’t remember now, I never gave the file to anyone. The background was added later from MusOpen. Hope you all enjoy it.
 Keep warm folks. We have some brighter days ahead of us. Lets just rest well to be busy in them.

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