The Cuckoo’s Friend-Audio Version.

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This is a poem called The Cuckoo’s Friend taken from my book Age Of Survival. Now this poem went through an eveloution before it made it to the book. The first version is in this post The Cuckoo’s Friend and you can see it is not as big as the final version that made it to the book. So understand, the poems you see here are all a draft version the final one that will make it to my published book may change a lot. In this audio version, when I edited and added the background music the last word cannot be heard fully. There was a better version of this audio file. But looks like that’s gone as Imeem became part of myspace. I received an email from Imeem saying they will make all audio available as soon as possible.  So her it is

Here is the Text of the final version from the book Age Of Survival-Collection Of Poems.

The Cuckoo’s Friend

I’ve heard the cuckoo sing,
What the wind said about the mind,
“In a valley amid snow capped mounts,
Where the gardens always is filled,
With flowers that never dies,
Where a dancer always dances,
To the beat of the heart that follows her footsteps,
Filling the inner walls of the mind.”

That in turn fills every corner of me,
Peace and harmony unheard to mankind.
A dreamer who walked out of a dream,
A walker who fell and crawled,
A lover who loved, loving and forever will love,
Listening to the friendly cuckoo who don’t look at me,
But keeps on singing what always keeps my mind at peace.
Those Unheard Words.

Oh’ captivated heart remained,
In sheer magnificence of the beauty,
Inside and outside, perfection in congregation,
She held my senses known and unknown, prisoner,
And all definitions at bay remained,
Perplexed but bowed in shyness,
Of the passions felt inside.

A dreamer inside conceived,
Filled in were the passions,
But murdered before birth,
Love remains an unclaimed corpse.
For the material ear, unheard words.


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