The Fire Starters

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Happy New Year everyone. woo hoo one more year went away. A year in which more bad than good took its marathon run. For many people it is just another step, in fact it is a step that taught most of us great, great lessons. I strongly believe this is just a bad patch of time and soon things will be better than before it all turned bad. New Year day is a holiday that makes us all smile. Well in all honestly, it is just another day. Nothing changed only we the people feel a difference inside us which can be had everyday. See every day is a new day. Everyday one can have this new feeling as everything is new on every given day. People just imagine things, assume things, predict things and expect things. When it all don’t happen in the way they want, all will look for things to blame. In fact there is nothing to blame. That’s the way things are supposed to happen on that piece of time.

    This poem The Fire Starters, took nearly 2 weeks to write. I had this feeling in my mind which I tried my best to express in words. Well read it then you will know that I was not 100% successful in getting it all out into words. Please feel free to point out any mistakes or things you don’t understand properly. Here it is

The Fire Starters.

The wild fires through the jungle flared,
As everything on the ground flames consumed,
Further and further to the edges flames came,
And then deeper and deeper flames went.

The darkness of nights none can see,
Over the mountains and through the valley,
The flames took its Olympian run,
The wind in all directions took the flame.

Burning through all living, burning down all that stood gray,
Big and small, colored and colorless, the flames consumed,
And the monster smokes like giants in the dark, danced,
Through the air, covering even the noon time sun.

Winds first like an old witch near a pyre blown,
Then the warmth of the fires made winds on its own,
Through the jungles like veins in a body the fires grown,
Ashes and dusts through air to far away lands flown.

The flames through all corners of jungle passed,
And every ways in ashes erased,
Oh’ what wonders once in depths stood,
Now in warm winds from all sides came, all around flown.

The ones though with unclear minds started the fire,
Not knowing how fast and fiery the fire can move,
Now none knows what through their minds passed,
As paths to each other in their own fires erased.

A hope among the ashes and dust up in the air flown,
That as prayers all through the charred trees echoed,
All the green the flames in fury burned,
Will fertilize the lands into new born growth.

The sun from the horizons left, leaving night victorious,
The flames maybe gone and the winds upon the mounts rested,
The valley still bright in some unknown light laid,
And through every paths known and unknown the light spread.

The light guided the streams back to the valley,
And the prayers answered as new sprouts from ashes arose,
Oh’ flames and heat can burn to ashes all lovely lives,
But the soul of this jungle remains untouched by any flames we know.

The depth of the jungle knows no heat,
Though flames of fires even deeper roots burned,
In the depth only light remained, light that came out of no fire,
That light never will fade even when everything is burned beyond roots.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

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