A Happy Man.

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This is a simple poem written with nothing in mind. I just thought I will write whatever comes into mind and look at what I ended up with. All sorts of things I normally don’t do when I write a poem is there in this poem.

A Happy Man.

The anger in loneliness I felt,
The sadness when unheard by the world I felt,
The frustration when ignored by world I felt,
Oh all by the view of one smile erased.

The silence that consumed all my words,
Many beautiful words went unheard,
Life flown away like tweeting bird,
Ah’ all given back when at my eyes you gazed.

Steps to a wonderful life gathered,
All around us as the songs of nature heard,
Brightness of day way beyond day lingered,
Ah’ as your face more than the full moon blazed.

Oh’ with your love my love you touched,
And my heart in the care of yours clutched,
Ah’ in my soul no more I feel untouched,
As from my heart doubts about love away you chased.

Ah’ the lover who slept deep in my soul woke,
And stories about dreams he saw he spoke,
All the dreams ended with the smiles you awoke,
Oh a happy man that left the world around amazed.

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