My Love For May

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My Love For May.

The strength of wind ploughed order in Nature and swept,
Through every corner of the town screaming,
The cry of lost lovers who all in failures to react failed.
Along the way the dried leaves the wind took,
And upon a tree I once planted showered,
Oh’ that little seed I once sowed,
Now as a tree to withstand the test of time grown.
Ah’ beside that tree I buried,
The love of mine a darling girl denied.

The month of May upon the lap of Nature birthed,
And she took the hand of the fallen spring and calmed,
The howling wind with love and care,
Then to every new growth she said, give me love,
And to her call no sprout so early in the season could answer.
And she stood stale and pale and wept,
The wind sang lullabies moving through the bamboo woods,
And moved the clouds from high above, bringing,
The shinning sun to warm up the cheeks of spring.

Still in gloom of loneliness May sat,
Counting hours passing by like wild stallions,
Her naughty looks in mind brought,
Light unseen by day or night,
Then in my mind I wished,
With all the power of my faith I wished,
With all the passions in all my life I had I wished,
To make my love for the month of may real,
A flicker in my heart I felt,
And I ran all around to see,
I ran all around to hear,
I ran all around to smell,
I ran all around to touch,
Oh’ nothing special anywhere I found,
Then with bowed head about myself I thought,
“A curse filled with dreams unrealistic”.
When walking back tired one last time upon my child tree I looked,
A little color, a flower, the first bloom of spring I saw,
Upon that tree, beneath where all my love I buried.


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