The Breakup.

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This is pretty bad….

I looked at my journal notes… All looks the same like the weekend and week blog I posted last Sunday. So I am not going to repeat anything.

The book is closed and the pen cleaned and dried out. Still….

I am going to tell something that happened a long time back.

Once when I was staying in a hotel in New York, I met this wonderful lady called Jennifer. She was pretty and really wonderful to talk to. I had a romantic interest with her. That ended this way…
One evening me and couple of others who were staying at the hotel were sitting and eating dinner.. .Jennifer joined us and we had dinner and then we went outside to smoke. After that I was saying bye to every one and my friend Tom hugged me, his wife Patricia hugged and kissed me and I turned to Jennifer who said “I don’t’ want to hug or kiss” I said sorry for giving her that thought and went into my room. I never felt bad about it because people have different comfort zones. For instance, I am not really comfortable in any creature touching me, like cats or dogs or birds or anything like that. Later in the night I went out again for a smoke and some new guests were moving in. They came in with their pet Labrador and what I saw was Jennifer hugging and kissing the dog. I didn’t say anything; I just went outside and lighted up a cigarette. Seeing me standing outside and smoking, Jennifer came out and asked, “Hey can I borrow the lighter?” I said “Light it up from the spark you get from the fuck of the dog.”

  I am not angry that much or that way anymore. Still….


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  1. People are so confusing.  Sometimes because they themselves are confused, sometimes a bias of language.  But whatever it is it makes real understanding difficult and it seems someone always gets embarrased or hurt or angry.  Nice post.

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