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Have you all seen the movie Inception? It is a fascinating movie to watch. For many people who have seen the movie for many reasons like just seeing Leonardo Di Caprio, felt totally lost after seeing the movie.  I did not watch the movie in theaters. But I watched the movie on HBO some months back and the first time I saw it, in about 15 minutes of the movie I really laughed and said.. “Isn’t it exactly what I am doing to myself in the last seven years?” Yeah.. if you haven’t seen the movie and is a fan of my poetry then watch the movie, my poetry will make more sense to you.

   Now I will tell you this..  In this movie a dream is constructed by an architect and the dream is seen by another person. They go into the subconscious mind of people and they go to a deeper level which means, a dream within a dream and they go for three levels. I hope you all are not lost here at this point. It means… that someone goes to a subconscious level and generates an idea at that level. There is something called Totem in the movie. This is an object used by the dreamers to check whether they are in a dream or in reality. The girl Ellen Page is the architect in the movie. She is one heck of an actress. She maybe small but wow every time I saw this movie she made me say “wow”. As for Leonardo Di Caprio who is the dreamer he got an issue of his dead wife comes as a projection in his dreams. That is a major catastrophe for him in the movie. I hope by this time you all understood why I wrote this whole post. If not, watch the movie Inception again.

All of you have a great weekend. By the way.. for people who peek into my blog should know that I know exactly who comes there and when you come there, and I hope I told one specific person a while back, how much I love when you step into my blog in the middle of the night that triggers a set of notification to go off and wake me up? Then I take a totem, just to feel, if I am in a dream or in real.

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