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My weekend started beautifully with Prometheus wow.. Incredible movie that left about five questions in my mind. I may see it another time to figure out the technology that gone into making it. I really felt like a two hour movie went away in about 20 minutes. This is an action packed movie and Michael Fassbender’s performance as the robot is Oscar worthy. What is this movie’s connection to the Alien is a surprise I don’t want to give away. My favorite Charlize Theron should have had more to do in this movie, still she did a remarkable job in an anti-heroine role. This is a movie that should be seen on 3D as the 3D technology is well used in this. Hats off to the production designers for the amazing visualization we see in this movie.

  Saturday was not that crazy as I slept most of the daytime and evening my friend was at my home and we watched the Celtics-Heat game. As everyone was hating Heats and Lebron James I said “I am going to support these guys” and my support worked they won. Sunday… French Open and Euro Soccer… this I believe will tell you how much of a sports fan I am. Later on Sunday I watched True Blood Season premiere wow this season started with a bang, literally. This is going to be another heck of a season for True Blood.

  Now that I am back to work and I see most people are not on their seat. Many are on short vacations, some are sick and others I believe are lazy to get to work on this muggy Monday morning. I feel unusually quick this morning as I have finished some of the work requested really fast and now on a breather here. I am almost done with a new short story. The material I used in this one is really from a post by a friend and my response and her response to that and rest of it came from assumptions I made based on her silence. That’s me, if someone doesn’t communicate I will take that and put it into my imagination blender and see what comes out of it to write. On the flipside, one day her real boyfriend will find me and kick my ass that will be the end of many things and will give me new material to write.. The Beaten Dreams,.The Jealous Boyfriend, Her Violent Dance…etc, etc, etc… see I already have many things planned even for that unlikely event hehehehe. That’s me, I am not self boasting but it will be almost impossible to out think me and understand, everything I do have a reason beyond your imagination and everything I say have a meaning of its own and everything I write have a meaning bound by the thoughts and dreams of a simple human.


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