The Acceptance Of A Proposal

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I am not going to say anything about this poem. One should understand what exactly I mean from reading the poem. If one doesn’t understand the idea in this poem, I am not a poet and I should never write again.

The Acceptance Of A Proposal.

The golden lights beyond the hills they raised,
Giant boulders like smiling demons stood,
Up through the valley he took her high,
For her queries to where they were going,
Elusive excuses to her he told.

The glider through the northern winds glided,
And upon the highest plain with her he landed,
In the thrill of flight and the magnificence of the scenery she jumped,
And her wonder filled gladness made him smile.
He took her hands and for the first time with her he danced,
Round and round through the grass less plain they danced,
The whole nature revolving around her he made her feel.

She held him tight and to him she said,
“Oh’ what a wonderful sight you show,
Serene Views and the singing winds,
And the nature around me dance,
Sweetness on this day took a manly meaning in you,
And to you dear I owe for the gladness you give.”

He kissed her lips and pushed her aside,
And to the edge of the plain he walked,
Then to her he turned and said,
“Bow I will not before anyone but God,
Kneel I will not before any defeat life can give,
Through the rough roads we both walked,
As season after season put our minds in betrayal,
Of the feeling of love in permanent denial,
Now that we know there exists nothing material between us,
As in material on the highest plains we stand,
Ah’ the winds and the golden rays blend,
The prefect feelings between the folds of our hearts.”

He looked at her, who smiled at what he said,
The golden light to fade away hesitated,
The wind from hill to hill jumped,
Carrying the echo of his words and the vibrations of her gladness.

Then to a lower layer of rock he stepped,
As above the plains she stood,
Breaking his own silence he said
“Heights in our life we have seen,
In tough times we fell apart and scattered,
Ah’ from there each other we gathered,
Keeping you higher than I am here I stand,
For I will not bow like any Tom, Dick or Harry,
Always at a higher plain than I am you I will keep,
Oh’ save me and my love from the wrath of time and space, 
My happiness as you I will define,
And your sorrows I promise in my love will whither,
Will you take me as your honorable husband?”

First away from him she looked,
Her smile by the winds stolen,
Towards him she came and in his eyes she looked,
And with an unsmiling face to him she said
“My dear, my dearest the echo of your words all around I hear,
Sweet they all are and the poetry amazing,
Your promise deep in my soul touched,
But my dear don’t feel sorry for this warning I give,
Life is no poetry you alone can write,
Life is not just the loving of two wonderful souls,
Life is the definition of each other we both should try,
In failure and success when together we stand,
The honor will be mine to stand with you and face,
And through cycles of time and space,
In each other’s pain, smiles and love,
On this day, at this time upon this mountain to you I promise,
Every honor a husband deserves upon you I will shower,
With my happiness, in my happiness and for our happiness.”

When by the time her acceptance she finished,
Stood near him and with glittering eyes she held,
His face and upon his lips again and again she kissed,
Though a diamond ring he took,
Ah’ his happy tears in the golden lights brighter glowed,
Then the golden lights to the bosom of Mother Nature faded,
But the love of those two glowed like a million stars,
In each other’s souls that guided them into future ways.

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