A Young Kiss.

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A Young Kiss.

A lovely girl once told me she loves the sea. I looked at her in an odd way and walked away. She came after me and asked what happened. I gave her another odd look and almost whispered to her “Never love the sea”. Now she raised both her eyebrows and asked “Why would you say that?”
I told
“Never love the sea honey,
For its depths is not known to you
And in depths hide darkness
And deep inside darkness rest
The ugly old man, sadness”

She got angry like some who got serious hemorrhoids pain and said, “You are crazy” By this time a younger girl standing beside said “Not at all, silly” we both looked at the young girl. She shrugged and said “It is a metaphor”

I stepped towards and asked, “You got a boyfriend?” She leaned back a bit at my advancement and said “No” by this time the girl who was with me said “Oooh this is so creepy” I asked her back..”What is so creepy me talking to this young girl?” I answered my own question “Not if she is old enough” I asked the girl “How old are you?” She said 19. I smiled and said “perfect”. The girl with me by that time got all jealous and said “Ya go fuck her and get fucked I don’t care, just tell me you metaphor”

I said
“The darkest point of life is sadness
For there exists nothing more painful
And the deepest point of a mind is filled
With purest form of love
And that love none ever gets or expresses
So in darkness forever it remains
And mind is like a vast sea
With depths unknown”

By this time I felt the lips of the young girl upon my lips and watched the girl with me with a perplexed face walking backwards.

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