For Her Happy Smile.

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The first four lines of this poem was written about four days before the rest of the poem was written. After I wrote the first four lines I wrote “Gathering all your sorrows and pains in me, And I will try upon your face to see a smile,” Then for another three days I chatted with many different people. Some are hyper active perverts, some are young girls in early twenties who don’t know anything about life. Others have lived life many times over and are frozen in a period of time and they try their best to recreate those good old days again and again and again and fail again and again and again.

    Then I came to a total dead end like I said at the end of the first paragraph. Then I spoke to myself and said “There are a bunch of mother fuckers out there who makes people believe that they are the master of their own fate. They hide the fact that nothing is independent of anything everything living at this moment is linked to each other without us knowing what binds us together.” With that feeling I finished this poem. Then I said “Happiness is relative to sadness of oneself or someone else otherwise there is no meaning to life at all”.


For Her Happy Smile.

There is a path I wished I walked,
That went through your heart,
Ah’ with doors sky high, closed,
Conscience laughed at my failure.

Fear, Ah’ there is fear that mocked,
The conscience dying in laughter,
Oh’ all my fear with loneliness I wrapped,
And in my soul unknown to all I hid.

Smiled O at everything I smiled,
Made many to smile along fate,
But behind every smile of mine danced,
The mockery of fear with loneliness I wrapped.

Promises O with beautiful words she promised,
But every time her promises she broke,
And every time for her forgiveness I prayed,
Locks of sky high doors locked and keys melted.

When my own conscience as a bitter enemy screams,
And my own love as a poisonous fume in soul spreads,
All your sorrows and pains in me I gather,
And will try to see upon your face, forever a happy smile.

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Statue Of Girls by George Hodan

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