Help Me Float.

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Life is a very bad person who can take away everything and may give you nothing. Sometime life can become an untamed animal and go on a rampage make one feel like an iceberg floating around. Well sometime one gets in a flow when floating around, that’s what happened in my case. But right now I don’t know where I am floating. But I have a feeling that ever move of mine is watched here. So one last time let me tell ya my darling sweet heart.. I really don’t know what you want me to do. Maybe understanding this you can tell me what to do.. I really like you and I honestly, seriously and with everything real love you. I know I am not the prefect fit for anyone, but that’s the reality I am facing.

So if it is you who is coming here and looking into my posts (which I believe is you) speak to me. Either you can help me stop floating or make me float away.. I need that help.

Thank you


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