The Tired Storyteller.

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I like what I wrote. I’d love to make this a reality. Pray for me or wish me all of your luck in making this a reality..

The Tired Storyteller.

The ways of life so wonderfully planned,
And through fulfillment of dreams so well written
Life of many goes through discipline drawn,
By passionless freaks, ah’ interpreters of life.

A system of combinations,
Combinations of many permutations,
All well drawn angles and perfected equations.
Math only half-understood by a handful nerds.

No equations can solve the math in her mind,
No combinations can unfold the puzzle of who she is,
Ah’ in a whirlpool of silence with eyes shut she fell,
Then stretched a hand for help opposite to mine.

And throwing every wish of mine into that whirlpool,
My mind, my life and my dreams to new paths directed.
Never can I look back as even the prettiest girl’s shadow,
Will be dark even in the brightest sunny day.

A story ended, storyteller tired,
The new paths directed to a desolate desert,
Somewhere will be pretty mirages,
Somewhere will be a life stretching oasis.

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