A New Smile.

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You know you are a good writer when a reader reads your work and feels as if you are writing your personal experience. No other art can bring that feeling other than poetry. Argue with me I will beat you now, I will beat you tomorrow and I will beat you in that argument till the end of time. Poetry cannot be packaged into a commercial product so most of the business minded people hates poets. I know many who hates me just because I write poetry.That’s their problem.

Just draining my mind here that’s all.

About this poem. When someone first see a beautiful girl and feel attracted to that girl there is that feeling that comes into one’s mind. It happens every day to everyone. Otherwise call yourself a rock and sit on top of a hill forever. When it happens to me. I sometimes go to the girl and tell her what I feel. Those words that were spoken, 99.99% of times I won’t remember at all to write down as poems, as the reactions and escapes from that area erases everything about what I thought and spoke. Many times I don’t say it. Those are the ones that comes out here as poems. hehehehe.. I think you folks got my point. This yet another one.

A New Smile.

Watched sunlight from eastern skies sprouting
Setting fires to the clouds all around trapped,
The melted mist from newborn leaves dripped,
Ah’ peace of morning like the love in your eyes felt.

Many poets before me through ages praised,
Your beauty, many as classic poems learned,
And even beyond time will echo those sounds
That defines your beauty in souls eternally.

One more line I don’t want to write,
Praising your beauty around your soul wrapped,
Reflections of morning through my five senses unite,
And wrapped me in a cloak of new life of love.

Oh’ my heart in a different rhythm beat,
As love is sprouting in my heart like spring blossoms,
May the warmth of your love make them colorful flowers,
I will give those flowers for you to decorate your prettiness.

At the lady of the reason of my reverie once more I looked,
Feeling past like the winter cold, ice and snow erased,
And deep into heart a new face and new feelings embedded,
Then unintentionally aloud with a new smile I said,

“Oh’ what a wonderful feeling love is.”.

 ©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.

This is my T.V bringing the series on HBO Game Of Thrones wow this is awesome.. I ‘Whatsaap’ed my friend “This is LOTR on Steroids.”.

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