A Reality I Know And Care.

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If I say Welcome Back that not be enough. I thought this site is going to be lost like I lost BlogTv.Com. But with the good and hard work of many we made it out fine I hope it stays afloat forever from here on. So here I am once more re-opening the PoetryBox. I have closed this many times before but this time I promise. I will not close it again for any reason at all.

 As a poet I haven’t changed much I need a direction though. I tried to think through many past events to be in a better state in the future. What it all lead me to believe is the following reality… the only reality I know and care.

A Reality I Know And Care.

Simple actions in the age of naivety,
When understood, ah’ arrows of love already been fired,
Air Mother Nature spread pierced and set ablaze,
Oh’ like a promise given, I know not to take arrows back.

No demeaning words of mine will taint you,
No chaotic thoughts expressed in verses can paint,
The reality of all the feeling I feel,
Nor the pain of the uncut wounds I feel.

My love for you is as real as light with which you see,
My love will become more real when in darkness you will see,
Nothing shinning, nothing on fire, just light of my love I wish,
You felt just as I once felt the love of yours.

That’s the only reality I know and care.

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