Addiction To A Pain

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When he first met her she had a boyfriend. There were many poems written, seasons passed, disagreements, arguments, she changed boyfriends, He tried to find other women. She declared him as a ‘self proclaimed’ in his art in a good way and asked him to move on many times. He tried to move on but his movements were circular and still is circular. He is not a critic of things but I ended up criticizing her and her anger was felt miles away. He tried to move on again and tried and tried and tried now tired. He cannot look back, he cannot look ahead…he looked above, he only felt that there is only one thing consistent in her life…him. He smiled and his smile became a laugh of insanity…. “Beautiful Insanity”

Now read This.

Addiction To A Pain.

The evening before smiling faces opened,
The gruesome summer rain all around horizons lingered,
The dried out skin with sweat melted,
Ah’ the frowning brows bended like a stretched bow,
Ready to fire arrows of romance in the smile,
Just upon the lips sprouted,
When another dream about her, mind weaved.

Then to his mind he said,
“Never forget a smiling face;
though smiles are given for free,
a smile from the depth of the heart is in rarity these days.”

The dream never saw springtime,
As life filled with fogs of doubts,
And growling from nothingness heard,
And fear filled, where love to sprout, failed

Then a monster with thousand heads birthed,
Each head held venom of a thousand serpents,
But in hunger the monster wandered,
Nothing in sight, nothing can be heard,
Thirst and hunger Oh’ unbearable became,
And the monster found its food and drink in abundance,
Inside the silence of her into which it preyed,
And into her silence it rolled.

Every word of her love he wants to hear,
Every smile of her filled with her care,
Every thought in her about him he thought she held so dear,
Ah’ all in despair said, wrote and all received,
The venom of a monstrous serpent that hurt without wounds.

Though age left his mark upon him,
And time will scratch him beyond recognition,
Still the vibrations of his soul will find ways to stay addicted,
To the pain of the venom of the monster rolled in her silence.

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