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Today July 7th 2013 summerfest officially got over but not summer.. Most of my early summer parties are done in a way I wanted. I basically moved to Milwaukee for the summer here. Watch the last of the so called ‘system of records’ embedded along. Beware, my language goes pretty bad towards the end. But that’s the way I can put many things as life itself is evolving into explicit chaos.

Well I am going to get the chaos into some order in the next one month. I have to do it, as one full month of fasting, meditation and prayers starts tomorrow.  When I come back to full fledged postings… well .. there probably won’t be a xanga for me to make postings. So this is it folks. I had one of the greatest time of my life as a blogger, I met great people and experienced some great readings here.. Good Bye Xanga as we know it.

 Yeah I thought of speaking about someone I met here.. but she is right now in a tent mixing music with another guy. Yesterday in my system of record drive show I told, I should have been the one in that tent with her, helping her to mix music. Life went in wild ways and made me wild and weird now I am sitting miles away. Am I disappointed? I was, not is, I will not be. That’s it with that.

 It was a great time during this summerfest, I enjoyed every bit of it. I will be back at the summerfest grounds for the 110th Harley Fest. Life goes on and the thrill of life is there in every moment of life. I won’t define that thrill ahead that gives life something extra, in the rights and wrongs of life. I love you all no matter what and hope I will get some in return and will be in all of your prayers.

Drive Live–System Of Record


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