The Defined Sense.

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Life, Ah’ life, it started with a mind with emptiness filled,
Humble steps and harmless falls took mind ahead.
Cried,  when nothing more known or pain of fall felt,
Smiled, when before an unknown for attention stood.

Defined, one’s own destiny with actions filled,
Refined, those actions when in failures backfired.
Misunderstood whispers, Oh’ redefined theology,
Sacred texts, Ah’ misunderstood philosophy.

Unanswered questions, mind in twists and turns feared,
Unconquered mind, Ah’ a lonely man’s missed fate,
Awkward silence of an unloved lover,
Torture that shows no bodily harm.

Valued by paper money, accepted by mocking talents,
Adored by time torn beauty, vision by illusions blinded.
A love filled reality by the mocking world destroyed,
When light from soul taken away by dramatic rejections.

How well should I shout to tell O darling how loud I should shout?
And tell you how much I love you,
Unreal it may sound, Unreal in every eyes that defines you,
Oh’ in real, five senses without you, a melting furnace.

I know you don’t define me, I know you don’t love me,
But without you undefined my life all around scatter,
Without your love senses their feelings lost,
As all merged into a sense and defined, you can never love me at all.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011

Photo by Vin Stratton on Unsplash

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