Turbulent Beginnings

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The Sights and sounds are feuding when at your beauty I look,
Love holding the hands of wind and around us fly,
Birds through the winds glide,
And in your eyes I see,

The origin of all ups and downs of this moment.
Oh’ the turbulent gone by days,
Like thick dark clouds on a summer day hide,
To come and strike us with thunderbolts in the dark of night,
Turbulent those days always are,

In the beginning of every relationships,
Though the inevitable turbulence shook,
Us beyond every imagination of us,
Ah’ the doubtful thoughts,
The sarcastic remarks with vengeance,
The eagerness to know the unknown of each other,
Then at the end of the day when known,

About the love of each other,
Tear filled apologies and embraces that made us one.
Oh’ all the pain heart went through,
All the sleepless nights,
The shed tears and the tears held,
The wonderful words spoken and the sharp sarcasms said,
When holding you in my arms I realize,
I can go through it all a million times again and again,
As the prize for all the effort worth,
Millions of lifetimes enslaved in love for you.

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Photo by ahmed zohnii on Unsplash

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