Images Of A Future Time.

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Deep in through those eyes I see,
A calmness of a storm,
In the eye of that storm resides,
A soul, Yeah, A soul thriving for a hope.

And that hope took a piece of time from future,
And drawn images for that time to enact,
Ah’ in those images all I saw were you and I,
And the smile of yours sprouting from a happy heart.

The hope for a future with love filled,
But life the gambler thrown the dices,
Love, the game, played on and on
And we the lovers never got the dices right.

Two souls wants to join hands in real,
But the world so wild and weird for them both,
One bound to demons of past and loneliness,
The other can’t figure the feeling of love in busy times.

And to the setting sun through feelings of soul I said,
Go Set Sun… Restless wander beyond eyesight,
Taking light and warmth to another set of eyes..
Bring us the warmth and light unknown,
Bring us peace and love unknown…”
And the sun, set in the west away from my eyes.

I wonder what to the setting sun she said,
But squeaking birds indeed felt the happy rays of sun,
As I woke to a day dream that gave me a happy face,
Ah’ in every bit of life I sought and in every second seek,
The solace that weaves another yard of hope,
Hope that my soul is felt well by my darling girl,
Hope with the images drawn for time,

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Photo by Carlos Vaz on Unsplash

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