She – Five

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She – Five.

The phantoms of a long lost memory erased,
By the pathos of reality that still lingers,
And shows mocking faces at weeping souls.

How much loved can’t be described,
Words strung together like in a rosary,
But none of the verses in spirit filled,
O forgot I that rosaries don’t meditate,
The one who turns does, but forgot,
To meditate in the love meant to the one.

How many verses said, I don’t remember,
How many ways pursued, don’t matter now,
All ended only at one point in the universe,
You heart in constant beating erased,
Rest of the ways and any other language,
Other than the language of love,
Language, only by your soul understood.

The phantoms day by day lose their faces,
And my own face away I turn,
In directions not known,
But the magic in my heart you left,
Rises like the new day’s Sun,
Gaining glory in depths of life,
Meaningfully defined only by your presence.

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Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

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