Yesterdays – 08/25/2006

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The sky dark and with clouds, scattered,
Cutting their edges to bleed,
The sun rays of the first phase of morn came,
Those violent serpents were defeated,
And by the fair and bright light consumed,
That pulled the chariot of the sun arriving.

The drama of the morning everyday repeats,
The same theme played in a different way,
As nature welcome the sun in its own way,
The dynamics of which part of it all, we all are.

Friday panics Oh’ none to me came,
As in frustration of the gone by day I spent,
Daytime uttering no words, but in mind murmuring,
Some prayers, to console the angry heart.

Evening, life first her ugly face shown,
When a girl I like kissed another man,
Then life, her dirty face shown,
When rain lashed and most people left,
Then life shown, the beautiful face of Rose,
She said “Gracias” when for her the door I opened,
I don’t speak that language, I am from India” Said I,
Leaning on to me she asked,
What language you speak?”
Malayalam, the language of my mother land” Said I,
Her hands I shook and said “I am Riaz”,
I am Rose” the blushing girl said and continued,
See both our names start with ‘R’”,
By then I know, drunk to her toe, she was,
There for the taking, ready to be taken,
Yearning for a touch, erotic she stood,
Even the bystanders said, “Go for it man”
The she asked “What the name of that language again?”
Malayalam” said I, then remembered I,
Earlier that day said I the same, to a girl who care,
Me as a friend and see me as man of good,
Then my soul to me told,
You shouldn’t do this, help her”,
To her car I walked Rose to her waiting friend,
Another girl of beauty excruciating,
Nice to meet you Riaz” said Rose while on to the seat falling,
Then turned she and at my eyes she looked,
In the street lights, blood filled veins of her blue eyes I saw,
But through those eyes beautiful, more I saw,
The thanking un-intoxicated soul of a beautiful girl.

I walked away with a feeling good,
Of a deed my consciousness said, “good”.

Back on my bed when falling prey to sleep,
To myself I said, “Didn’t I do a lot of good,
In simplicity possible? Oh’ how many more to do?”.

And every time I do a deed good,
One night of sleep with peace of mind I gain,
The only reward I always look for.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM-All Rights Reserved- 2006.

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

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