The Willful Battle Against Fate.

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Oh’ no, further and further the bottle too rolled,
Nothing can intoxicate the mind more,
And stop it from knowing the loses,
O the rough edges of life grind him down.

Through shallow short cuts he tried,
To bury the pain, lived in the depths of mind,
Sometime wishes joined hands with those pains,
And memories held them all in wedlock.

Parent-less childhood and uncontrolled youth,
O the good in life remained in him mummified,
As through the darkest paths through life he gained,
Intoxication no liquor or drugs can give.

As for his life what season one can compare,
Everyday went like a winter night, long,
Every night like a summer night, warm,
All that meant to blossom, died away at budding.

Meaning he searched and found none,
Patterns he followed with futile effort,
Always behind, always waited, always failed,
And success like mirages around him haunted.

Still he gathered the will to live,
And for that he need no intoxication,
The belief in life in him so strong stayed,
And he fought his way against fate.

Though rhymes in life never existed,
Tough mind found rhyme with another dimension,
Then the mummified good shown him a way,
A way to a beautiful soul with love for him filled.

Though success remained as an elusive prey,
His own success was in his battle against fate,
God indeed gave mankind the will to choose,
God indeed made fate mankind’s enemy number one.

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