She – Ten.

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Blog Post About This Poem – Please Read This Before Reading The Poem.

The young, young days that we all remember as sweet,
Memories of a piece of time where we learned,
The future so bright, yet, we all limited our dreams,
With barb wires of rules, faith and unrelated connections.

Oh’ I wish life danced through the moonlight,
And grew high like a redwood in the rains,
But boxed ourselves within a realm none knows,
And looked up at the redwoods in awe.

Oh’ I wish life flown through time like a stream,
But neither life nor time can in real mean,
The burden of the stream that came in union,
Of the billions of drops from all around came.

Oh’ I wish life held me like my mother in her hands,
Whe as a child many nights upon her palm I slept,
And dreamt about the pleasantness of dream fulfillment,
But life knew nothing about me to carry me to fulfillment.

Still the young, young days passed and about life never bothered.
Same tunes of a broken symphony time again and again played,
Same themes of an unfinished act life again and again played,
Rewinding in repetition in a fast-paced world my time and life stayed.

The deeper and deeper I went into my own age I learned,
Neither time nor life in ways and means wronged,
As passion both in equal filled, Ah’ dreams from subconscious seen,
As the passing shots of a journey so wonderfully driven.

Every yard passed took me closer to a new reality and closer,
And every minute passed into history, a new line of verse written.
Ah’ the rhythm of the verses so vividly scattered, yet still connected,
Into life and time as one force and then I knew, I am in love with you.

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Understanding poetry needs eyes that can see a thousand images in one word.
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

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