She – Eleven.

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Blog Post About This Poem – Please Read This Before Reading This Poem.

She – Eleven.

The sunlight shined with the love for you I felt,
The wind sang a new tune dancing with my love for you,
A new step, a new rhythm and a new line of verse birthed,
In the love of mine that wrapped the nature around you.

Happiness woke only when I think about you,
Then every moment a joy filled dance,
Ah’ happiness upon my heart danced,
With your image the only love I know.

Reality the monster will try to tell a different story,
And to that story even reality knows no end,
For if any wrong and wrong of wrongs forgiveness I seek,
Any wrong from you Ah’ your love for me will erase..

The image of you ah’ eyes with love filled,
A thousand misfortunes about how misfit I am I can say,
For that love, that filled every moment of you,
I can only wish I were the love you only loved.

At wishes and dreams, reality mockingly laughs,
That unending story oh’ let that monster write,
Love me and write the epilogue no reality can write,
As the reality of my love always will be you.

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Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash 
There should be a little more about this picture than just a link credit. She is the wife of the photographer Ilya Pavlov from Kiyv City, Kiyv, Ukraine. The photo is rightfully named “My Lovely Wife”. She is indeed a very lovely woman.

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