She Twelve.

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She – Twelve.

The imprint of smiles upon my mind you left,
To them I seek solace oh’ dear I seek,
That flowing hair, I wish to touch,
Those wonderful eyes my eyes seek,
Those smiling lips my lips crave,
And the imprints to me sung tunes,
That kept your face an ever living image.
Days lived around me as the living meaning,
Of the reality of you so close yet light-years away,
Memories wrote pages of imaginations of you,
In mind as soul to receive the soul of yours craved,
And to them can I sing an anthem of love?

Spread through your smile, love, electrifying,
As gentle and gentle those eyes blinked,
The charm of kindness every vein absorbed,
No better ornament God can give Earth for her patience.

The western breeze through your hair moved in and out,
Great words and stereotyped love you don’t deserve,
As the essence of divinity one should learn,
To weave the web of love, with glow from souls as strands.

Though imperfect in the world around you I maybe,
The gladness you leave every time your soul you show,
Binds together all the fallen pieces of life,
You are that perfection erasing every imperfection,
In the world you are and in the mind of mine.

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Photo by Pâmela Lima on Unsplash

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