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Clouds like dragons float around firing,
Venomous fire at each other sparking,
And falling on to Earth, as summer danced in,
In this season when spring left with promises unfulfilled.

The lush greenery spring time left bore no flowers,
And days like magical serpents into the depths of nights grew,
Still all across the horizon I see not,
No star with the glow from your eyes, born,
No wind in the rhythm of your heart singing, blown,
Ah’ still at the wonders of the world I look and wonder,
Why without a dream for me to see you left,
A thousand reasons you can tell,
A hundred different ways to walk,
Away from me into the world in rainbows bound.

Unrealistic all definitions are,
In every definition in the wonderful mind of yours,
And to the world around you, me and everyone else,
Why not walk on one of the rainbows into my heart pierce?
Didn’t you named the glow in your heart once after me?
Oh’ will you ever be able to turn off, the light you and I are?

Wipe away the mirages,
Whip away the whining distractions,
Who all with friendly smiles shadows,
But will leave you to melancholy and pain in dark.

O’ Summer sun come from above the darker clouds,
And with those gentle palms of light caress,
The face in brightness only seen by her,
Shine bright through moon at night,
To show her dreams filled with love of mine.

O’ my dear, there are no more definitions for my love,
As all my love was molded and made for your soul,
As in your thoughts even nature around me dissolves in me,
Why not make the unreal real and bless the love of ours?

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash

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