She – Thirteen.

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She – Thirteen.

A dreamless night I spent,
With a twitch deep in my soul you left,
O narrow is not the mind of mine,
Not to return what painted with your love, you gave.

Tried to be a singer but no music I can write,
To be a painter I tried, but no colors can be seen,
In the light from your eyes came.
Tried to be a hunter of treasures unknown,
To give you every care from childhood I learned,
Oh no treasure I found upon which my love I can bind.

Oh’ to mother nature I looked and whitest clouds she gathered,
Into it bound the whispers of all my care she merged,
And took it to the place you lived and showered,
Ah’ the umbrella of misunderstandings kept you dry.

The sky is clear but we are far,
Sad thoughts eclipse minds from sights so near,
But deeper in mind still the twitch you left I feel,
Oh’ from mind so fragile but agile still I search,
What to give you, which, with my love I can paint.

As nothing I have for anyone to love,
No colors seen in what for you I painted.
No stars in the day anyone can see,
But fill your mind leaving darkness behind,
Stars birthed in the love of mine to you.

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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