The Bird Feeder.

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The Bird Feeder.

The day from the clutches of a dark Lord broke away,
And through the landscapes along with Mother Earth moved,
Oh’ what a wonderful morning a poet watched,
As mind in the rhythms of happy thoughts danced.

Happy thoughts that came along a singing bird,
She sang and sang as if to impress hearts,
And then the empty can of bird feed I noticed,
Oh’ what a crime to leave the singer hungry

Out to the growing yard I went,
And saw a wing of her away from all in flight,
Took the can and with a smile I filled,
The seeds and grains birds of her kind loved.

Left I and upon the steps I sat,
To see the singer with gratitude feed,
Nothing I heard, no bird I saw,
No wind I felt, no leaf for the warmth of eyes swayed.

Without much thought back into home I came,
My chores I did and when tying my shoes I heard,
The sweet voice of a bird singing,
Through the window at her I peeped.

She sang and sang and then slowly ate,
Then upon a strung string she walked,
Then on to the maple tree jumped,
And there through every branch she danced.

Her dance I watched Oh’ the best of the dances I’ve ever seen,
Many steps she laid ah, wonderful images in mind left,
For whom she danced I know not,
As when my presence she felt into the depth of sky she flown.

Many days with the same rituals passed,
And the bird every time my presence felt, away she flown,
Wondered if she knew, to her no harm I meant,
Feed her as long as hands can I thought.

Many times only in nights the can I filled,
One day the bird in my presence may dance I thought,
Filled the can knowing somewhere in peace of night slept,
In her own ways, with her own love, unknowing all she slept

Then a night came when the can I filled,
And slept with not much thought about the bird,
That day I saw her dancing in all passions filled,
But flown away when my presence she felt.

In her dance the nature around thrilled,
And in my presence the wind with her flown,
The clouds way above covered the smiling sun,
And the gloom even in the petals of roses felt.

Oh’ out there for a while I sat all stunned,
Then with a pledge in mind back home I walked,
Never to try to watch the bird dance or hear her sing,
But to stay hidden from her eyes and fill the feeding can at night.

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Photo by bibarys ibatolla on Unsplash

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