Colors Of Drowned Dreams.

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The sun up in the further sky like a one eyed car shined,
The winter clouds froze up seeing the might of each other,
Houses like addicts in quest for uncontrollable highs, smoked.
Horizons filled with loneliness like an exotic dancer, undressed.

About passing days, no knowledge in passions I seek,
For in them the fortunes and misfortunes of other souls, reside,
Just as an onlooker bothered by none, bothering none, I rest,
Ah’ dreams in many combinations into my life I painted.

Most dreams as dreams they lived and in occasions woke,
Some died as time added numbers to my growing age,
Some where drowned compassionless by a hurrying crowd,
Oh’ they know not the mind of their own or the painter’s soul.

Those dreams they drowned where I painted my love,
As those were painted with words in verse, I weaved,
None cared, none lived it, none ever understood.
Colors of those drowned dreams, Oh’ in your rejecting eyes I saw.

Oh’ dreams are like seeds in winter times,
Like pieces of marble under the frozen grounds they lay,
But when through the times of warmth Earth tilt and moves,
I pray colors of those drowned dreams will fill your love.

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Photo by Roberto Delgado Webb on Unsplash

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