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Oh’ my love, my fantastic feelings define you,
The good and bad in me passionately refines you,
Ah’ the world wish and maybe you brutally wish I can betray,
My conscience and yours by feeling another in my heart.

Love for me is not a toy I play with and sleep leaving it,
Especially my love for me defined and refined me to be yours,
Oh’ a tyrant I am to my own feelings to hold you tight,
In a heart broke but in hue of a smile for my memory you gave.

The worldly ways, so fanciful they maybe for all,
The ways of mine so feisty maybe for worldly ways,
But that which defines me ah’ they origin in my soul,
And blend into my blood and flesh and becomes me.

The very essence of you in love or in dislikes,
Ah’ in my own senses they defined and became me,
So leave I cannot, you from my senses as you are my love,
How can I leave my own self as my love lives me?

So love me or not Oh’ live your life with happiness filled,
In no fear or in any remorse about me you may feel,
Empty my time will not be as myself repeatedly refines,
Thoughts into dreams and dreams into poetry translated.

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Photo by mohsen ameri on Unsplash

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