A Reminder By Time.

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Blog Post About This Poem – Read This Before Reading The Poem.

Took every minute of my existence and wrote,
All I knew about events, opinions, good and bad.
As time and space in unknown sideways moved,
When paths ahead with loveless darkness shadowed,
And echoes of verses I wrote heard only by your heart.

Time the witness of my love for you will tell,
Oh’ time, tell, didn’t she loved me to make me love,
Didn’t she read the verses I wrote from heart,
Didn’t she felt the vibrations of my heart in her heart,
Ah’ lie not time as every bit of me with her life rhyme.

Fail not time to rhyme with space, me and her walk,
For in us you will see the romance none ahead can show,
And passion filled love in ages you have seen, we will shadow,
And the failures of romance that broke many hearts into tears,
Ah’ together we will pass through you and the paths of tests.

Show her time, the values of the purified sanctity of love,
That in her heart upon hearing my verses she feels,
As you may have already learned time, or learn in your ways,
The purity of her love in the crooked world she hides,
But learn more time, her love for me is purer than you are.

As my intercourse with was over a little more I know,
About my existence as that part of my time into past flew,
Me and my love for her, ah’ about to move ahead to shadows,
As darkness of night with little to nothing to offer approached,
The passing time reminded me that I have one more story to tell,

The story of a girl loving me but don’t know how to accept it.

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Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

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