Fear In A Heavy Heart.

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Wonderful spring with air so light and light so bright,
Lashes at us through blooms and cool the feeling of cheer,
Lighter and lighter I feel as empty days passed me by,
But in this small city up north something kept me upright.

Oh’ the birds chirped and chirped in the language of love,
Their little quarrels and songs of cheer and sad made,
The whole nature happy but without you, ah’ empty nest,
My soul, as nothing to which I am bound, life left loose.

Without your love, ah’ lighter and lighter upon Earth I feel,
Deep inside from all my knowledge and experience a fear brew,
That fear grew like wild fire in summer winds, fast and big,
Ah’ the fear that mother earth’s gravity may lose me.

The lighter air through every corner of Spring whirled,
As fate’s merciless claws deeper and deeper tightened,
Every moment to history passed kept me upright and grounded,
As heavier and heavier heart became, when love for you filled.

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Photo by Miguel Runa on Unsplash

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