The Loved Man.

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Blog Post About The Poem.

In the spring morn sun the sky cracked open,
Frost, mud and winter fun into rivers washed away,
Eyes opened wide in the civilized wilderness made,
By history makers, the fortunate, and the loved.

Through fears and fancy rays of sun moved,
As every ray carried the light for a dream to be seen,
The dreamers dreamed, Oh’ some just fell apart,
Others stood in awe of the fulfillment, the fortunate.

Manipulators, drew their own maps to move and drowned,
Truth, trust, and civility, ah’ many minds in them lost,
Oh’ the wonder-filled life, the colorful life, divine life, faked,
By history makers, even romantic emotions, manipulated.

Oh’ lost I my dream as in the colorful circus of success,
Of manipulators and darkness even into mind’s eyes crept,
All hopes ah’ about the light in her heart, the light I left,
In words into verses weaved and ways of future, in her love.

Wished I all that never happened were never dreamed,
As from all that happened I know I wished,
Someone else’s life, that man to me, unheard and unknown,
Someone whom everyone understood better,

Someone in a fake world, who never aged in any eyes,
Ah’ not that man I am, just a man at whom life hissed,
So vehemently, the world always in fantasy, thought,
I am a man who never loved and none every loved,

As none knows but you, the love in your heart for me.

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Photo by Angel Jimenez on Unsplash

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