Fill An Ocean, My Dear, My Dearest.

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Beyond eyesight, hearing, beyond smell, taste, and touch,
There is a feeling of unity between two souls, undefined,
The laws of attraction, Oh’ the magnificent mirages,
They rule lives beyond the laws of made up science and rules.

Seeing the living, O’ God, I feel the freedom to us you gave,
Ah’ the love you gave taught me to love another better,
And the lovable you shown me, makes my faith stronger,
And in ever grateful gratitude in absolute submission I prostrate.

How many million ways a man can love a woman?
How many million bubbles in every wave washed ashore?
Oh’ my love for her is not another babbling of wave,
It is an ocean that stretches with stars studded to shine.

Then again up to heavens I looked and I am pleased,
For in every creation of God I see my love for her reflected,
When oceans upon Earth darker grows when one in depths goes,
Ah’ light filled is the ocean of my love for her as her image fills.

As I guide the waves from one ocean to another Oh’ dear,
Thou shalt not seek the shores of deserts where mirages dances,
Nor shall into darkness fall, of the world of wicked men and women.
Fill thy ocean with images of my love, Oh’ dear, my dearest.

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Photo by Josh Shutler on Unsplash

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