Tales Future In Pride Hails.

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Memories, Oh’ the brutal vampires that haunts,
Every waking moment with feelings of depressions,
Every sleeping moment with unwatchable nightmares,
Age of those vampires in the east sets as romance sprouts,
From a heart with happiness you gave filled.

Oh’ when the hunting memories in the heart crumbled,
I saw a smile in the back of my eye lids, victory smile,
Of a sweetheart who defeated in mind every crushing doubts,
And sang anthems of love with sanctity and sincerity filled,
The man in her heart in stood high above all and out-danced.

Joyous life O’ time for you to dine and wine with us now,
From the darkness of time’s impulses wake and wash,
Your face with light of our mutually spreading love,
And seek and destroy the serpents of differences of each other,
May you take the colors of spring and fall and bring to us forever.

Victorious darling, spread your eyes, dearest of my heart,
Never will you fail in my heart, nor will my heart forget,
The gladness you are to me even when hurtful events passed,
Us by and life’s crooked devils in our hearts whispered,
Tales of nightmares, in past, or in present ever exists.

The world we know, Oh’ the evil eaten minds,
Upon the wings of hatred driven gossips they ride,
Oh’ dearest, darling they stand no chance in force,
Of our love that out shines and drowns all that stands,
Between us; May we write the tales future in pride hails.

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Photo by Analise Benevides on Unsplash

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