A Blasphemy And Mindless Disappointments.

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Days are growing younger and younger as we move,
Through the season of spring bringing warmth and youth,
The triumph of the vibgyor up in heavens seen,
Like a broken half wheel still at nature’s wonders amazed.

The chipmunk sat on the roof and gnawed something found,
From the rubble winter left, who left after his annual defeat,
All that stood as symbols of a great winter season now fallen,
Ah’ the melted winter and melting spring left love untouched.

From childhood days in the last millennium till this day I learned,
To care, even the ones who with hatred at me looks and screams,
To gain happiness from every happy moment of the given life,
Seasons change, passion filled emotions erase and repaints,

Ah’ the only symbol of every season of mine pixel by pixel drawn,
By nature and every bit of reality, known, unknown, and ignored.
Every moment grew better and better, fulfilling and well defined,
The untouched love by seasons was my love for that beautiful symbol.

The galloping mind, the evolving mind, Oh’, saw prettiness,
In every eyes but none stood the test of my times to define,
The love well into my life, my senses, and my spirit blended,
Still my trust in God never led me to mindless disappointments.

Up and down life danced, like those seasons melted and flowered,
The fallen leaves, man-made rubble, and new sprouts all failed,
To undefine what emotional passions and all my love symbolized,
The love of mine for you; so blasphemous to your senses.

The clashing smokes in near heavens wept and drooled,
I wish no silence from my heart as verses poured,
The chaos contained the rhythm and nothing ever rhymed,
Still my trust in God never led me to mindless disappointments.

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Photo by Pablo Varela on Unsplash

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