A Lover In A Mosque.

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Oh’ I left all questions inside a mosque,
And through asphalt darkness I drove,
The past I left within those bended questions,
The future approached fast same as I approached.

Far, far away, Oh’ saintly hands blessed,
Gathered the knowledge, gained understandings,
Ran through time, when every one walked,
Followed none, followed by none, alone I prayed.

And far away from that reality I came,
A thousand fantastic fantasies followed and wrapped,
Life in colors and glitter, sounds and rhythms,
Carried falls from the other side of world under my feet.

Empty hands, hungry heart, pathetic fate, colorless dreams,
Life from under the feet fell beyond tears of hopes,
When faces turned red, Oh’ love turned sweet grapes to sour,
And smile from a face with love I looked, erased.

Who achieved what? Who lost? Who gained?
When you turned your face away from me did you see,
Another dream inside your mind flowering?
Or did you hide a drop of tear in your love for me?

A drop of tear with a material reality you can never show,
Or did you thought I find happiness in pain and ache,
Taken from losing my love again and again in unattainable love?
Oh’ I left all questions inside a mosque when inside I felt your love.

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Photo by Aiga on Unsplash

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