Faith Of A Loveless Man.

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The evening sacrificed the day and left to bleed,
And the horizons took the colors of that brutality,
And beyond minds can imagine in patterns spread,
Why evening did such an act to many unknown,
Some painted, some danced, some sang, and some wrote,
Every soul a meaning took as for humanity dusk sacrificed,
Ah’ my meanings took face of yours my dearest, my darling.

The spreading night into every life forcefully unleashed,
Darkness, from where birthed illusions of monstrosity,
But the different meanings humanity took from the sacrifice,
Of the evening that painted the horizons and charmed,
Took a meaning of its own to keep minds away from illusions,
And in every moment of the derived meaning a story born,
Oh’ my story told about the romance of mine with you dear.

The misunderstood, betrayed, and mocked, scavenged,
In the dark of the dark for the ray of hope,
Ah’ even when the swords of the sun avenged the brutality,
Of the evening with his own magical battle and painted,
Horizons with stories of melancholy and victories of humanity,
Those lost souls, blinded by hopeless faith heckled their minds,
Ah’ my soul never saw the dark as your face filled me.

The mornings, noons, evenings and nights clashed,
None of those my heart in anyway could care,
The world into race, cultures, religions, and class divided,
And clashed and killed and mutilated the sanctity of humanity,
The heavens exploded and clashed into dust and rebirthed,
In mysterious ways mankind with five senses cannot comprehend,
Oh’ in you I see the everlasting reign of my life and my love.

I take my pride of this day with a smile of hope and faith,
That love in me someday will kindle a flame of warmth for you.

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Photo by Rob Tol on Unsplash

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