The Price For Education.

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Old times, ah’ when people traveled without fear,
Ladies well respected, rich people well loved,
Peasants happy in their ruins as they lived,
Like birds of sky, like prophet Isa (peace be upon him) said.

Adventurous young lady for a man of sea searched,
None came to travel with such inexperienced beauty,
Then she found someone whom many recommended,
But found him about to enter a brothel all drunk.

Like a peasant he looked, spoke language of uneducated,
She held him by the throat and said, “Two days you have,
To learn to behave with a lady properly, in good, bad and dirty,
Learn it all, or I will find a way to kill you and take another”.

The money she offered in gold and silver Oh’ irresistible,
So to the educator he went to learn the way to behave,
Scratching his big belly in front of the wise man he stood,
And said “Learned man, teach me to behave like a gentleman”.

The learned man sat and gave a queer look,
And the itchy-belly, impatient traveler lifted him up,
And said, “No time to play hide and seek you two days.”.
The scared teacher looked down in agreement.

Once down the teacher spoke his conditions for the lessons,
“One topek for every lesson you learn, I only teach once,
Learn and pay for the next.”, The pupil agreed and paid,
The advance for the teacher and pointed to the next brothel.

“No, they are evil people and no sense of mine go there.”
The teacher cried and at the pupil looked, He replied,
“I just saw you buy vegetables and fruits from cheap jacks,”
“You believe they own that stock? Just plucked from wild,”

“And to you they sold that which they own..” Pupil smiled,
Continued his remark “Those ladies give you their bodies,
For them a job, and time away from time for you,
For the money you pay”. Then the teacher returned the advance.

The teacher said “You taught me a lesson for which I pay”.
The pupil took the money and flicked him up in the air,
Then the teacher said “A gentleman will always find a woman,
Who will care and love expecting nothing in return”.

The pupil scratched his belly and gave the topek to the teacher.
No sleep, no food both through the different parts of city walked,
Many good knowledge they exchanged teacher’s wallet fattened,
The pupil in gladness learned and followed the teacher in haste.

Two sunsets history took and at sunrise they both reached,
The port where the young lady with her pretty smile waited,
The moment the big bellied man saw the lady he gave,
A flower to her and bowed as if in respect and took her bag.

Then he turned to the teacher and pulled a little bag from waist.
“Here is a ten golds for the satisfactory lessons you taught me.”.
The teacher took the bag and smiled and took a bigger bag,
The one with the topeks he earned from the lessons he taught.

He gave the topeks bags to the pupil who in surprise asked,
“This is more valuable than ten gold pieces, why you returned?”
The teacher told, “There is no price for education well learned,
But for satisfaction there is always a price..which you taught”.

The ship left and the teacher in search to the next pupil gone,
With his new gained knowledge from an uneducated peasant.

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Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

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